The funny side of having your bag stolen?

bye, bye, bag... snifff

Challenge: Find the Funny side of having your bag stolen

Got it: So on Tuesday i’ts 11:30 am and so far today I have had my bag stolen – containing my entire life – wallet, cell phone and laptop. All this before breakfast in the hotel dining room 7:30 am. When i sat down and called three credit card companies to cancel the card – every one of the clercks finished the call with: “Have a nice day”. – Seriously?

It’s a funny thing about face book; since there is no empathy button – pressing” like” when something bad happens to someone just doesn’t seem right..

So now I’m in bed with 38c temp – just not my week

I found out this morning, it’s officially streptokokus (however you spell it) – I have it, yuch!

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